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Home » Creative Benefits that Can Increase Job Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover
November 2, 2021

Creative Benefits that Can Increase Job Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover

A woman wearing a hijab is smiling while leaning against a wall, looking at a tablet

Creative Benefits That Can Increase Job Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover


Written by Stephanie Haywood of  mylifeboost.com.


Most business owners understand that happy employees are the key to productivity and success. Moreover, if staff members are satisfied with their current positions, they are more likely to stay with the company rather than look for jobs elsewhere.


With this understanding, many of today’s businesses are reimagining the workplace and the concept of benefits. These companies understand they need to offer more than a competitive salary and standard benefits to ensure employees feel valued and happy. By providing creative perks that make team members feel like they are part of a larger community, firms can cultivate a joyful work environment in which everyone thrives. If you’re planning to upgrade employee benefits, check out these insights from Fixated Financial & Insurance Solutions.


Free Food and Drinks

The way to an employee’s heart may be through the stomach! According to a recent survey, people who receive free snacks and beverages from their employers have higher morale and better job satisfaction. More specifically, among workers who are offered food and drinks at work, 66% report they are “extremely or very happy with their current job.”


Financial Support for Higher Education

With college tuition continuing to rise, educational benefits can be a great perk. This type of support not only benefits the employees who want more education but also helps the company as a whole by doing the following:

●        Conveys to workers that the firm cares about their professional development

●        Allows employees to continue working while furthering their education

●        Helps the company qualify for tax breaks

●        Translates to loyal team members and better retention rates

●        Enables employees to gain skills that can be used to the company’s advantage

●        Allows the company to benefit from the worker’s newly acquired skills and knowledge


Online degree programs can be the ideal vehicle because students can work toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree at their own pace. Online courses also offer a more flexible solution for people who have busy schedules. Because the lectures can often be viewed on-demand, your employees can complete their coursework after hours.


Wellness Perks

The sedentary lifestyle of a 9-to-5 job can take a toll on your physical health, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer. Because these negative impacts can result in a higher absentee rate and steeper healthcare costs, many businesses are implementing wellness benefits that can help:

●        On-site gym that makes working out convenient

●        Free membership to a nearby health club

●        Access to videos, software, and apps that encourage good nutrition and healthy habits

●        Group fitness activities that take place during working hours


Mental Health Benefits

As companies increasingly recognize the importance of mental health, many are starting to offer free on-site resources, such as:

●        One-on-one counseling sessions with a trained therapist

●        24/7 access to crisis support services

●        Virtual access to a therapist

●        Access to private self-care programs

●        Yoga classes and meditation coaching to improve mindfulness and decrease stress


On-Site Childcare

Many working parents face the difficulty of being separated from their babies and young children for eight hours a day. On-site childcare facilities allow employees to feel less stressed and anxious about the separation because they can check on their young ones throughout the day. Moreover, when a company provides on-site childcare, it demonstrates to working parents that they are valued by their employer.


While standard benefits, such as vacation and sick leave, medical benefits, and retirement plans, were once enough, today, there is a growing realization that businesses need to do more. Offering innovative benefits fosters a collaborative atmosphere and makes workers feel like a valued part of the company community.



Image via Pexels

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