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Home » Improve Your Web Presence For A Better Business
January 21, 2023

Improve Your Web Presence For A Better Business

A white monitor on a wooden desk, with a blue skyline background and blank pie and graph charts

Improve Your Web Presence For A Better Business

by Stephanie Haywood of Mylifeboost.com


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the general contracting business, there’s always somebody taking advantage of technology to get seen before you. It doesn’t have to be that way, and there are plenty of ways that you can boost your online presence using innovative technology.


Today’s tips are brought to you from Fixated Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc.


Evaluating Your Website And Technology


Before you make any changes, you have to know what your current capabilities are. Your priorities should be to collect on your work, keep your customers happy, and improve online visibility.


Getting Paid


Your customers will appreciate having multiple ways to pay their bills. You can set yourself apart by offering credit card payment options instead of simply taking cash or check. If you’re not sure how to do that without spending an arm and a leg, click for more information on HVAC and contractor invoicing software.


Happy Customers


Making your customers happy isn’t always easy, but it’s a labor of love worth the challenges. While you, of course, have to provide quality products and services, your customers will also appreciate having many avenues by which to communicate with you. One smart move here is to add a chat button to your website. Live Agent offers instructions on how to set this up.


Online Visibility


Online visibility can be summed up by how quickly you can be found by customers performing a search for businesses in your industry. Showing up in more searches than the competition is a balancing act known as SEO or search engine optimization. There are many factors that go into this, including keywords, content quality, and having a mobile-friendly website, which Weblite explains Google prioritizes above desktop-compatible only sites.


Clutter Kills It


If your website was designed in 1999 and hasn’t changed since, you likely have multicolored links, flashing lights, and music playing in the background. While these might have been intriguing in the nascent days of the internet, today, minimalism rules for many reasons. Not only does a cluttered website reduce responsiveness, but it’s also probably hard to take seriously, especially if you are using Curlz, Comic Sans, or Papyrus as your fonts of choice.




A link is essentially any reroute you post on your page that allows your visitors to easily click and go elsewhere on the web, such as another part of your website, to access useful content. Something else that’s important is links to your social media accounts. If you don’t already have social media set up, Search Engine Journal offers lots of reasons why you should. Not only will your social media allow for easier communication with your customers, it will also make your brand more relatable while providing a large platform for you to promote your company’s content. A more important type of link is a follow link, which is a link from an external source to your website. Google uses these as a type of grading system to determine how strong your site should be in search results.


Adding Testimonials


When you get a positive review, you should want to share it with the world. Today, customer testimonials and online reviews are like the word-of-mouth of the past. They help build trust and are a great way to gain referrals. Make a point to leave a specific space on your site dedicated to what your current and previous customers have said about you.


Your online presence matters more than you might think, especially in today’s digital age. Although you might be the best contractor in your ZIP Code, if your customers can’t pay you, communicate with you, or find you online it all, then no one will ever know. Today’s website and business-boosting tips have been brought to you by Fixated Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc.



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