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Home » The Importance of Placing all Insurance Policies with One Agent
January 28, 2020

The Importance of Placing all Insurance Policies with One Agent


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The Importance of Placing All Insurance Policies with One Agent


When it comes to your business insurance policies, you have a lot of options.  You can use a Captive Agent, who writes for a single Insurance Company.  Independent Agents represent multiple carriers and can provide the best range of insurance policy options.

Your business is unique and needs a unique approach. Sometimes that means using different carriers for various lines of business.  The same carrier who writes your Workers Compensation may not be the carrier with the best options for your Package or Business Owner’s Policy.  It is important that your agent has the ability to find carriers that write policies that cover all aspects of your business, without leaving coverage gaps. Independent Agents have the best ability to do that with multiple carrier options.

By using a single Independent Agent for all your lines of business, you can help streamline the insurance process, cut back on information gathering and delays in customer service. Additionally, you will have an agent that is knowledgeable about all of your insurance policies, and your business, so they will be better able to advocate on your behalf to insurance carriers. Much of the underwriting information from one line of business will also be used for your other lines of insurance.

It streamlines customer service because when you need to make a change, instead of contacting multiple agents, you only need to contact one, who will contact your carriers on your behalf.  You have less back and forth looking for additional information this way because when you have all lines of business with a single agent, they will likely already have the information needed by one carrier on hand.

By having all lines of business, your agent can easily do annual policy reviews with you, helping to identify any coverage gaps, or additional lines of business that you might need to consider, such as Employment Practices Liability or Cyber Insurance.  It also gives them the ability to look for programs and carriers that will write multiple lines of business, as some will give a discount for writing more than one line of business. 

Renewal marketing is easier when all of your insurance is one with Agent.  They will be able to shop your insurance policies for renewal options and to see if they can be combined. By having all lines of business, they already have all of the underwriting information that will be needed, and there will be less going back and forth with you to get answers for multiple agents.

With Fixated Financial and Insurance Solutions, Inc., you are getting an Independent Agent with underwriting authority with ten Admitted, A + Carriers. It allows us to have the flexibility to offer quotes with fast turnaround that can be tailored to your unique business needs.  Not all Independent Agents have underwriting authority.  We also have special industry programs. With these programs, we have been granted up to 30-60% credits on qualfied program business quotes. We also can provide additional coverage options that are not standard on non-program business thanks to our agreemetns with our Program Carriers.

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